How to build and expose cyber-warfare capabilities to ensure deterrence

Cyber-attacks are expected to reach unprecedented capability and distribution in the coming years. As cyber weapons become more complex, and deliberate attacks more frequent, how can security teams take action now to prevent future victimization?


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Our Holistic Security Approach

In order to reduce security risks to minimum, a holistic approach to security is required. Our security processes are born out of a clear definition of the threats to our system.

Security threats are a result of the various interaction points that an application provides to the external world, and the various users that can interact with these interfaces. For instance Your Customers, Your Resellers, Your staff, Our Staff, Anonymous Internet Users and Third Party Servers are interacting with our Systems at any given point of time. Each of these actors need to have different access levels and different rights and permissions.


Kaspersky Lab Identifies Operation “Red October,” an Advanced Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targeting Diplomatic and Government Institutions Worldwide

Attackers Created Unique, Highly-Flexible Malware to Steal Data and Geopolitical Intelligence from Target Victims’ Computer Systems, Mobile Phones and Enterprise Network Equipment


Report: Advanced Malware Targeting Organizations up Nearly 400 Percent

There’s been a huge jump in malicious, web-based infections targeting companies in the last year, a nearly 400 percent increase from last year, according to research released today by network security company FireEye. The company’s “Advanced Threat Report – 1H 2012,” blames the jump on attackers’ ability to penetrate organizations’ usual security infrastructures.